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“Jess and I collaborated on an illustration project over a few months, where she was a talented artist and great friend to work with. I was impressed by her speed at completing artworks and at learning new software tricks. She has a broad and thorough knowledge of animation culture. Every detail she designs has a purpose or meaning, from choice of shapes, colours and outfits to matching character traits and behaviours – all aspects of her work are intricately intwined and researched. Her leadership and management skills particularly also stood out to me, as she maintained a focus on the direction and time management of the project and kept tabs on what other members were tasked with as well as her own tasks.” – Lowenna Clemence


“Jess did an amazing drawing of a picture of me and my girlfriend. The picture is very dear to me with lots of sentimental value and Jess made it even more lovely with her skillz 😌.
Thanks heaps Jess đŸ€—” – Sahib Buland


Two years ago I went to Spain to make a pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela. It was almost 900km of walking and undoubtedly one of the most special moments of my life. Right in the early days of the pilgrimage I met a girl of only 24 years old who traveled to Spain on her own to also make this walk and get to know herself better. This brave and adventurous woman was Jessica. We walked together for almost 30 days and she never gave in to pain, tiredness or moodiness. Jessica always had a good advice, a kind word, an ability to listen with love and attention, and a unique and special sensitivity. At the end of those days I earned more than a friend, I gained a sister that I respect and admire the most.  – Adriana Xavier 


“Jessica is creative, focused, artistic, hard working and multi-lingual. She authored, illustrated and published her first fiction novel at 21 years old and has an international tertiary education in the Arts. I recommend her as an asset to any team.” – Nicole Charles


“Apart from her mentor and predecessor, Jess is probably one of Australia’s foremost active hands in bringing global auteur animation to Australia and assisting in showcasing our local and national talent. She also doesn’t like her food touching other food on her plate, showing she does not play by anyone’s rules. Not even her own.” – Annie Murray


“Granada”, Acrylic paint, Jessica McLeod-Yu, 2019

“Yes!!! Love them [Art Prints]. Have to frame them soon.They’re on a shelf to show off in our sunroom off the kitchen” – Grace Snider



“Construyendo Sueños a Pedales”, photoshop, Jessica McLeod-Yu, 2018ENG/ “Jessica has revealed herself as a great artist and a wonderful person. I am lucky to enjoy a precious work of hers in my supportive project. A logo made with love and for a good cause, of a magnificent artistic quality that everyone who sees it likes. And as a person, I can only speak good things about someone who is wholehearted and of an enviable inner strength.” Javi AndrĂ©s

ESP/ “Jessica se ha revelado como una gran artista y una maravillosa persona. Tengo la suerte de disfrutar de un precioso trabajo suyo en mi proyecto solidario. Un logotipo hecho con cariño y para una causa solidaria, de una calidad artĂ­stica magnĂ­fica que gusta a todo el que lo ve. Y como persona, solo puedo hablar cosas buenas de alguien que es todo corazĂłn y de una fuerza interior envidiable.” – Javi AndrĂ©s


I first met Jess at the 2015 MIAF (Melbourne International Animation Festival) and because of our similar interest in the creative arts, we jammed in sync and is one of the main reasons we each other friends and fellow artists.

Her dedication to help run MIAF, astute knowledge of the animation industry, studying her Masters in Fine Arts and always churning her side-hustle made me realise just how passionate and dedicated she is in her craft and how each passing year I find her to one-up herself in animation and character design.

I can’t wait to see how she progresses in the next couple of years and make waves for herself. – Daniel MarroquĂ­n


ENG/ “Jessica, there is nothing to say. You’re a great artist that everyone knows.” Custodia Ortiz Liñan

ESP/ “Jessica no hay nada quĂ© decir eres una gran artista que lo sepa todo el mundo” – Custodia Ortiz Liñan

One thought on “Testimonials and References

  1. Jessica is a wonderful artist with a unique gift for capturing the essence of her story subject. I can confidently say what a joy it is to have Jessica working on our projects and content. I look forward to future productions and to watch her talent evolve.



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