The Wish Bringer – Novel

Edit – 29/7/15: Due to the unsatisfactory service provided by the initial publisher, The Wish Bringer is no longer available for sale online. If you are interested in ordering copies of the book, please email me directly.

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The Wish Bringer is a novel written by Jessica McLeod-Yu and was released in April 2014.


Once upon a time, in a land of crystal towers blue, is a garden known only to those in desperate need. There, lonely souls beseech the help of the King of Wishes only to fall prey to his curse and dance for eternity within his ballroom of dreams. A fairy tale—that’s all it was . . . until now.

The story follows the adventures of a group of youths on their quest to defeat ‘The Wish Bringer’; a wicked king who tricks people into selling their souls for their most secret desires.

Throughout their journey the protagonists are taken down a road of self-discovery where they soon learn that the only thing standing in their way are the self-limitatons that they place upon themselves, and in order to find the key to set themselves free, they must confront their greatest fear, which in turn is the one thing that draws them together.

Photo by Miguel ZaragozaPhoto by Miguel Zaragoza