My Process – Black Light Photo Shoot


For the last few months I was planning a photo shoot based on my ‘Wink’ drawing, (featuring Lapis from The Wish Bringer) which I finally carried out last Friday.

First, I ordered some clothes online that looked similar to drawing, making sure to take into account shipping time.

Then I started thinking about the background.  At first I was going to project some images on to the wall, however that idea fell through, and I came up with another one.

Last month I drew up a design of a black light inside of a bell jar, and got my uncle to safely wire it up for me, (picture below).  I found the glow effect to be really cool, and figured that it would create a nice atmosphere for the photo shoot, (which it did).

For some finishing touches I hung up some butcher’s paper on the wall and painted a flared out design with the acrylic paints that I had available at the time (most of them had dried up actually).  Looking back on it though, I should have bought some fluorescent paint before hand so that it would’ve glowed with the black light, oh well.  Next time.  That being said, the design did look nice in the final photos.

After that, I need a way to prop up my black light, (and LED light up speakers), so I found an easy solution.  All I did with put a cardboard box on top of my draws and cover it with a blanket.  The mirror doors on my cupboard probably aided in reflecting more light, though that more coincidental than planned, because the wall next to it was the spaciest place available.

Then I set up my DSLR camera on my tripod and tested out the setting.  Because the black light was so dark I needed to slow down the shutter speed, which means, if the photo was taken by hand, it would’ve come out blurry.  However, since I had a tripod that didn’t really matter.  After make up, clothes and all the electrical equipment being set up, I was ready to take the photos.

Actually, my camera ran out of batteries during the shoot, (should’ve remembered to charge it before hand), so I switched half way to my video camera, which also takes still photos.  The video camera doesn’t have manual controls like the DSLR, however it still did a good job.

I didn’t edit these two photos, besides cropping, to show how amazing the lights look.


I edited the next few photos though, because my face was hidden in the dark.






I also did this composite image for fun to show the merge between photography and drawing. Doesn’t look as good as the others, because I needed to edit the colours so that they looked as close as possible, but it’s cute none the less.

TWB Book Opening

 Once upon a time, in a land of crystal towers blue, is a garden known only to those in desperate need. There, lonely souls beseech the help of the King of Wishes only to fall prey to his curse and dance for eternity within his ballroom of dreams. A fairy tale—that’s all it was . . . until now.

Back in June my family and I held a book opening for the release of my novel The Wish Bringer.  It was a great night celebrating not only the success of the book being published, but also celebrating the people who helped and supported me throughout my writing journey.

The launch was held in the Marian Hall of Sacred Heart Catholic Primary School, which we decorated with framed drawings of the story’s conceptual art, an installation, a selected music playlist, as well as other decorative elements including a banner of the book and decorated cake.

The main idea that I wanted to convey with these props was to invoke the senses.  Many of the people who attended that night had yet to read the book, therefor we wanted to transport everyone into the fantastical nature and environment of the book by appealing to their senses, which I think was quite successful.

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Video of the speeches

Photos taken by my friend Miguel Zaragoza


For anyone interested in getting a copy of the book, you can click here to buy it from the online book store here