About me

Who is Jess?

My name is Jessica McLeod-Yu and I am a Story Teller and 2D animator from Sydney, Australia, currently living in Newcastle, Australia. I am a chill and adventurous person who loves to draw and create. I am especially passionate about telling stories that uplift people. My hobbies include traveling and dancing. I’m known for my blue and pink hair and punk-rock fashion.

Online, I go by the name Rocket-Child, or rocket1111child and can be found sharing my art and inspiration of various social media sites, such as: DeviantArt, Facebook, Tumblr, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn.



I graduated from the University of Newcastle with a Diploma of Languages (2015) , and a Bachelor of Fine Arts (2016). I am currently doing my Bachelor of Fine Arts (Honours), where I am writing a thesis on how the medium of animation can be used to portray internal states. I am also animating a shot film called “Awake”, which is about a kid’s emotional journey going through and over coming depression.

I call myself a story teller, because I am skilled in a variety of disciplines.  I animate, storyboard, script write, and illustrate. I  have also written and self-published my own fantasy novel called “The Wish Bringer”. Please refer to the Portfolio and Resume tabs of this website to see my pervious work and history.



I am also the Assistant Director at the Melbourne International Animation Festival (MIAF).  My role is mostly administrative, which involves marketing via social media,  writing up schedules and run sheets for the conference and festival, and liaising with the guests attending the festivals, and more. As a representative of MIAF, I also attended the China International Cartoon and Animation Festival in Hang Zhou, China, where I presented a speech at the Hang Zhou Summit about “Balancing The Social & Economic Benefits While Running A Festival” in April, and in May I was invited to the Australian International Animation Festival as a guest speaker to speak on the panel about animation in Australia.

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