How to Make Speed Drawing Videos for Beginners – Using Quicktime

About 2 years ago I started making digital speed drawing videos on youtube. I wanted to record my art years before, but felt limited by my lack of technology. In fact, my first speed drawing video was taken using a go-pro type camera and a desk lamp. At the time, I felt intimidated by the lack of quality of my first video and it took me about 2 more years before I had the courage to record my art again.

After lots of research, trial and error, I have since learnt how to record my art making process, both digitally and traditionally, and have since upgraded my video editing softwares and equipment to make more professional videos.

However, because of COVID restrictions in Australia, I haven’t been able to go back to my apartment or use my recording normal recording equipment for a few months, and only have my laptop with me. (I’m currently in 2 weeks isolation in a hotel waiting to go back home, as I write this article.)

With my limited resources, I’m reminded of when I first started making videos using my laptop and free softwares. Because of this I felt inspired to make a video tutorial on how to create digital speed painting videos for beginners using softwares such as Quicktime and iMovie. Though this video is aimed at digital artist, the processes can be used by anyone wanting to record their computer screen for things such as explaining their digital processes, online teaching and more.

My laptop is a Macbook Pro and used iMovie as its default video editing program. However, Windows has Window’s Movie Maker, which is a free video editing software and can be used in place of iMovie.

Hopefully this tutorial is helpful for those wanting to get started in making speed drawing videos, or screen recording videos.

CLICK the video below to watch the tutorial:


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