NYE2020 Message: VLOG

nye2020 jessica mcleod-yu

Instead of sitting around being depressed, I figured that I’d put my energy to good use and farewell the year with something nice and meaningful.
00:00 – Introduction
00:25 – My thoughts and refllection on the year
05:18 – “Happy New Year” COVER SONG on my cat piano
10:10 – Surprise!!

Hello everyone, I hope you can take the time to watch this whole video.
I recorded a cover of “Happy New Year” by ABBA with my customised Meowsic Cat Piano. On other years, I found this song so contrary and sad to the usually celebratory energy, but today I found it fitting. The video is not in synch with the music, because I’m not skilled enough to record visuals and sound at the same time lol. One day I’ll get better with both. (Also, the keyboard is a toy, so I can’t play multiple keys at the same time like a proper piano, so I had to improvise.)
Have a happy new year, and hope you stay well and strong!
Love you all!

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MUSIC: COVER by my – “Happy New Year” – ABBA

Cat Solo – “Can’t stop the music” – The Village Peopl